• Experience

    Bernie Jwaszewski, the principle of Streamline Research, has been providing energy engineering to the utility, industrial and commercial community since the mid 1970’s, when the first energy crises plagued us. His degree, with honors, is in Mechanical Engineering, graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institutes School of Industrial Management, and earned Commonwealth of Massachusetts licenses to supervise the operation of high-pressure steam boiler plants, and perform as an unrestricted construction supervisor.

    Current voting member of ASTM International Committee E06; Performance of Buildings. Committee E06 develops/maintains standards and related documents addressing the performance of buildings, and publishes; description, measurement, prediction, improvement, and management guidelines to improve the overall performance of buildings and building-related facilities.
    ASTM International is a voluntary standards development organization, originally named the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

    Bernie’s experience includes adjunct faculty positions at area colleges and teaching HVAC/IAQ to adult learners for the City of Worcester.